Innovation & Change Management
Having a great idea is one thing however, implementing it is another reality.
Impact Consulting partners with our clients to not only develop solutions based on research and data
but to implement in such a way that the solution becomes the new way of doing things.

Innovation & Change Management

Innovation is a critical driver of competitive advantage, growth and profitability for an organisation. It can be heard on a daily basis the need to “embrace change”, develop “new ways of doing things” or “look at things from a different perspective”. In today’s age of increased competitiveness and the speed that things can change it is vital to ensure a continual and consistent approach to innovation. Choosing the right approach for your organisation can be overwhelming and challenging.

We are experienced change agents with expertise in facilitating training programs and work with a number of proven methodologies including:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean
  • Blue Ocean Value Innovation

A successful change initiative can be defined as how you take an organisation from Position X to Position Y, in the fulfilment of a vision and the implementation of a strategy without imposing it. The key to success lies in how you bring your people with you - passionate about the vision and ready to embrace the change.

Impact Consulting will take the time to understand the customer's needs, expectations, business strategy and culture before choosing a methodology that best fits the client’s situation. Our range of services include:

  • Consulting 
  • Innovation Accelerated events and training 
  • Innovation programs - Strategy, implementation and education 
  • Implementing change - Six sigma, process management, Lean 
  • Change management - Introduction and ongoing reinforcement of change in the workplace
  • Development and facilitation of the necessary training and development to facilitate change  
  • Research - Development of surveys and analysis to base solutions upon

"Robyn is someone who has the courage to see the way forward even when the outcome may not be 100% clear."

Director Strategy Regeneration, Ltd.